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  Terms of Service

Cancellation and Refunds

Refunds shall be issued at the sole discretion of Crafting Server's staff.

  • Absolutely NO refunds will be issued for accounts not instantly activated. We do not offer, nor do we promise, instant activation. While most accounts ARE activated within minutes, your account may be stopped from instant setup for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, capacity or suspected fraud and/or abuse. To preserve the integrity of our systems, some accounts are flagged for manual review.
  • Subscribers who make excessive use of the support ticket system or equivilent, at the discretion of Crafting Servers's staff, are not eligible for a refund. (Typically 2+ tickets within the first 24 hours).
  • Subscribers who initiate a paypal dispute or credit card charge back are not eligible for a refund.
  • Refund requests received after the initial 30 days of service will be denied.

Refunds shall be issued for hosting products ONLY (shared, reseller, e-mail, or SQL). No refunds shall be given for set up fees or add-on products (IP Addresses, SSL Certificates, etc).

Subscribers who wish to cancel the account have to contact Crafting Servers via the Ticket System in their Members area with a cancellation request. Such cancellation request will be revised by Crafting Servers staff members and then a final confirmation to cancel the account will be sent. Account cancellation will be processed only when the final confirmation from the subscriber will be sent (initial cancellation request will not be held as a final confirmation under any circumstance for security reasons).

If a confirmation to cancel the account is not sent by the subscriber, then the account cancellation will not be processed and the account will remain active. Any active subscriptions will be left intact.

After the account is canceled, no further billing on the account will be made. All files, settings and any other information related to the subscriber account will be removed from Crafting Servers servers.


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